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Globe Broadband: Not Worth the Stress

There are about 3-4 major phone companies in the country that offer broadband connectivity to both consumers and businesses.  You have PLDT, Globe, Bayantel and SMART (which by the way is also owned by PLDT).

Switch or not to switch?

Switch or not to switch?

Everyone seems to be having problems with all of them and their technical support and customer service centers are only making it worse.  I’m currently a PLDT subscriber and have had several fits over the lack of support from their representatives.  I almost signed up for Globe to check whether they would be better. After hearing what consumers had to say about them, I don’t think I’ll be switching anytime soon.

So, what’s the story?  Everything is okay until your service goes down.  It will take a couple of days and even weeks to get you connected again.  If you’re using it for your business, then you’re in deep trouble.  If that isn’t enough to stress you out, their level of support isn’t even near what you expect, at a minimum.

Read further to see an excerpt of my friend’s personal experience.

Even their stories don’t match: the customer service reps in the Globelines Center in Greenbelt were already beseiged by a number of irate clients hurling invectives and cursing Globe to high heavens for various reasons. This was what I observed when I came over to file yet another.

With some more questioning, he told me that my case was an isolated one, meaning most other connections originating from the same Globe cabinet have reported no trouble- just mine. He also assures me that he’d be personally updating me with what’s going on until my issues get resolved.  It’s been Day 14 so far. The inconvenience of going to free wi-fi places and hooking up from friend’s places can be tiresome real quickly.  Curse you, Globe. You give me another reason to hate this country, and want to move to another. – Renzie

The full story was posted July of this year but he experienced the same problem 4 months after.  He posted a follow up just a few weeks back stating he is canceling his service.  I hope he does it with no hassles.  I just hopped on to Globe’s website and there is a 1 year lock-in period.

Lock-in period?  That’s another story to tell by yours truly.

So, what’s your experience like?  Do tell.

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