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Sky Broadband: Is it Really Fast?

You see their ads everywhere in the metro.  You drive around and see their banners in Ortigas or even along EDSA.  If you have Sky Cable, then you would’ve seen their recent ads stating that their internet broadband service is the fastest.

They offer a 15 day trial for you to experience the speed and compare it with other providers.  I personally asked for it and true enough, it was fast…until the trial ended.  Why am I not surprised?  Of course they would set you up with a more stable connection.  Why would they risk you not signing up with them?

It has been several months since I signed up with them (only because PLDT didn’t have available slots anymore in our area) and I’ve called their customer service hotline at least three times every month to complain about the service.  My concerns were pretty much the same.  No internet service, constantly having to reset the modem; some websites weren’t loading, even if it was a business site that other networks would’ve permitted; and slow internet speed (they explained my router was the culprit).  I wasn’t a happy customer.

Did I mention I signed up for a 6MBPS download and 1MBPS upload plan?  Yes, that is my current plan because I needed it for my webinar business.

Because of my frustration and disappointment that I couldn’t even use Skpe and get a clear connection, I decided to drop by their website to use their speed test.  Here is the result with streaming music being played in the background.  Only two (2) websites are open and my Yahoo Messenger.

I noticed their note that read “For accurate speed test result, please refrain from using other applications that utilizes your internet connection such as file sharing (P2P), file download, browsing, software updates and the like.”  This didn’t make sense to me at all.  Wasn’t that the point in the first place?  Maybe I should consult an IT person so that I can be educated.

Okay, so I turned off everything except my browser and only had their website open.

I’ll let you be the judge and tell me whether I am getting my money’s worth.  I’ve accepted the fact that we live in a country that cannot guarantee the maximum plan speed, but this is ridiculous!  I should be paying their basic plan.

Now, do I still think their service is fast?  I’ve eaten my breakfast and I’m still waiting for my files to download.

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