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Behrouz Timog: Service is Terrible!

When I eat at any restaurant, my standards would normally change depending on the first impression that establishment has set.  If I go to a food stall or cafeteria, I only expect the basics.  If I order at a hotel, then it’s obvious my standards are higher.

So, what happens when I eat at a place that charges 250 pesos for a full meal that could probably feed 1 adult and a child? What do I expect from a restaurant that the middle class visit?

A little more than the basics.

Behrouz I expected more than the basics because its customers are from the middle class and see occasional stragglers from the “rich” crowd.

To my disappointment, this branch just doesn’t cut it.  Mohammed Mojdeh, its manager (based on what his staff has given us) wasn’t around to take care of his place of business. I wonder if he even shows up at all.

Here are just some of the complaints that I’ve personally and friends have experienced, along with some other blog posts I’ve read.

1. Food Availability

Salad Olivieh has never been available for the longest time yet you still see it on their menu.  Is it too much to ask to scratch it off or at least put a label that it isn’t available?

Our last visit, most of its items were not available and they only had the pita bread and their Chelo Kabab Kobideh. We were lucky they had Yoghurt shakes and Mutable at that time.

2. Upkeep of Restaurant & Ambiance

This is pretty consistent.  Their place is run by cats (don’t get me wrong I love cats), the tables are not clean and often see the soiled dishes on empty booths, leftover food is seen on the ground, you can see how your food is handled (which isn’t pretty to look at) and rarely do you hear any music.  Like a Rolling Store says, “One time the entire kitchen staff was having a shouting match with the waiters.”

3.  The Servers

I think there is more than what they need.  On a slow day, you’d expect faster service from them but it never changes.  They don’t smile, they chat with co-workers most of the time, they ignore the customers and they look lost when you order.  Tanya says, “They had the orders so wrong…”

4.  The Speed

Is 30 minutes (or even an hour) acceptable to wait for food that usually takes about 10 minutes to serve from a competitor?  Shouldn’t be the bill the fastest?  Tanya states, “When we asked for the bill, 30 minutes have passed and we still didn’t get it.  Finally we stood up and told them we no longer had the patience and left.  They ran and we paid it in our cars!”

I can cite more examples but this is depressing me.  I used to love going to this restaurant and tried to tolerate the service but this was the last straw.

The truth is that management should do something NOW because they are losing customers everyday.  Mister Kebab is near the area and I’m not surprised why people are flocking to West Avenue instead.

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