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Philhosting: Too Many Upset Customers

Our first story was submitted by Jonathan.  His story just validates my decision not to host any of my websites on Philippine soil.  I would hate to generalize but too many stories from colleagues and personal observations have led me to believe that it isn’t reliable to host your online real estate here.

Here is an excerpt of his experience with Philhosting, a local web hosting company.

I was in China before and I just want to try a different hosting company so I browsed and looked for Philippine hosting companies that allow credit card payments.  I am just testing a website so as long as I can find one that is cheap and allows card payments.  Philhosting Company Ltd. was on the result from Google so I just checked the site and there are cheap plans and would be perfect as my test server.  I signed up and was expecting to receive an email for my login details.  Well, I did receive an email but just as a confirmation that I paid and such, and I want my site to go live and was expecting the nameserver details.  I browsed their site for FAQ, but nothing on those are really helpful even for other technical issues.  I even submitted a support ticket but did not receive and replies.

You can read the full post on his blog.

What disappoints me the most is the fact that the customers can only complain but the company hasn’t done anything significant to address it.  There are no updates on the blogs that showed any sign of change.  The comment threads are long and I can feel the rage and frustration from each disappointed customer.

Here are some of the sites, excerpts included, that have written about their personal experience on Philhosting’s lack of accountability and poor service:

Now, what does this mean? “You applied for SHARED HOSTING, and you demand like you have your own admin access. Much better if you apply an hosting account based on outside the country. While local hosting company like us giving you FREE support.Let’s see if you can get support without paying dollar.” Wow – such sarcasm. – gogirlcafe

Hi guys, sorry if my blog was down for several days, my webhost has a server problem. My newly installed WordPress 2.7 become WordPress 2.5 again! OMG! And my November 2008 – December 2008 posts was lost. I was restoring my previous post from the Google cache. Hope I can retrieve them all. – gl3nnx

And they claim, they are “Philippines’ No.1 web/email hosting provider. We endeavor to make our customers happy”. Yeah right! Nice marketing! Evaluate your clients feed back! Read your clients comments on web hosting review sites! They are all negative! – dox ltd

Dox Ltd has more links to other blog posts complaining about the service.  Some posts have been deleted (I wonder why) and also found a link that points to (as of this writing, the domain isn’t owned so it could’ve been just placed in the thread to spite the company).

I am reaching out to Philhosting’s management to listen to these customers.  Look at your processes and personnel and weed out the culprits that give your company a bad name.  I know that things can be addressed.  The time to act is now. Imagine how much business has been lost and more in the future if it isn’t fixed.

Photo courtesy of Konrad Mostert.

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  • vertito says:

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  • Jonathan says:

    Thank you for posting my story. I am happy with one Philippine hosting company and will back to them again as soon as the month is over. 🙂

  • Amor says:

    I’m no longer hosted in Philhosting, but they are my registrant. When my domain expires I’ll be registering it thru my current host.

    I like your last message. I hope Philhosting’s management will listen to their customers. Mabait naman si Ruel and he’s approachable, I have nothing but good words for him. Kaso may mga personnel sya na hindi ‘yata’ dapat nandun hehe.

    Merong isang blogger na employee nila. Sinasagot nya mga reklamo ng iba about their company thru his blog. Next in line na nga dapat yung sagot nya sa post ko, pero hindi nya na tinuloy pag post, I wonder why. I just dont want to include the link here. For sure, mababasa nya rin ito coz as he said, he’s in the look out for negative posts about their company. Iniipon nya lang daw. 😀

  • Jam Mayer-Flores says:

    Vertito – I normally don’t post comments that have a sales or marketing tone but I am allowing it this time so that other consumers can check your services to validate your offer.

    One comment though – your contact page states “Whether by mobile, phone, email, or ticketing system, we are looking forward to…” I tried looking for a phone or mobile number on your site but don’t see any. Also wondering why there is no business address as well. I’ve learned to keep an eye on these things before I do business with a company.

    For the benefit of fellow consumers, it’s part of customer service to be transparent and provide the necessary communication lines for any feedback, both good and bad. Hope this can be fixed. Thanks for dropping by.

  • Jam Mayer-Flores says:

    Jonathan – my pleasure. It’s my role to share stories such as these, this being part of my mission to create a feedback mechanism for all businesses and consumers alike. Appreciate it greatly.

  • Jam Mayer-Flores says:

    Amor – thanks for dropping by.

    It pains me to see companies getting such a hard beating, being a business owner myself. But, being a consumer as well, it is important that the communication lines are open for both. The goal really is to have them hear the feedback and fix it. The customers will then start to trust again and even probably give them another chance. I know that customers are only upset at the situation until it gets out of hand, if not addressed properly, then will turn into a personal attack.

    Good to hear that Ruel has gained your trust. Kudos to one of his employees for being proactive and addressing it. It’s a good start. I’m keen on getting more feedback from them so that we can inform their customers.

  • Jonathan says:

    Jam – i searched for Vertito and here’s the address i gathered

    East Bank Road
    San Mateo
    Rizal Manila 1255 Philippines

    Sales Hotline: 639-184477120
    Tech Helpline: 639-184477120

    it is still a bit incomplete and the fax number on their website on the Contact page has a different country code i think. just wondering… I always see Vertito comments on other posts regarding Philhosting.

  • vertito says:


    We are grateful for you to clear that up with that billing address issue. To be exact, a whois to our domain would show the numbers of our address and contacts.

    VERTITO is shown from one link to another of another hosting company, as we are in a difficult pursue, to bring back hosting confidence, reliability and trustworthy of Filipinos on hosting grounds owned and managed by Filipinos. Greater statistics shows that no longer that Filipino have the trust to our local hosting companies, we are in fight against that to regroup pinoy clients to choose our very own, though it would be a tough mental and marketing fight, so we have come to rely on marketing words by our yet satisfied clients, as we continue to grow. Hope this answers that.

    @Jam Mayer-Flores
    Merry Christmas to you also and thanks for the criticism and opportunity you’ve given to us.

    Nowadays, at this decade, posting address, names and contact numbers does not really sum up the confidence, trust, quality and reliability that is due to or by a company.

    Digging Google deeper would lead your inquiries to us anyway. As always, the #1 seal would not always say that the seal holder is truly a number 1 as Filipino’s are above naive generally speaking. Though, that transparency suggestion would be updated soon, thanks for that.

    Now, on the fax numnber thing.

    Fax communication is generally a slower form of communication type compared to email/ticketing system that we have specially on non-working office hours. To reach a faster communication (esp. on billing verification via fax), we approached this slow communication problem in a way that it would be traditionally faster and convenient BY RECEIVING FAX via mobile!

    We have the means to receive fax communications by mobile, thus eliminating the problem of non-working office hours of fax communication. Secondly, fax machines does not always need to be located besides each sales/technical guys for handling clients, it actually adds more minutes on dealing with clients. Therefore, our means of receiving faxes are better, faster and convenient than what we tradionally used before.

    Why our fax number is UK number (+44). Well, its actually an efax number and efax numbers that begins with +63 are not yet available for Philippines. Hope this clears up.

    Why no phones? It is not fair not to document any technical support converstation via phone converstation and suffer client’s satisfaction at the end. That is why, we prefer email/ticketing support as it documents every converstations to our clients for future refence and records. IF WE TRULY offer 24×7 sales/tech support, we’ve come to realize that phone support is no longer needed on sales and tech support then. This is logically speaking on business world that do business transactions online. The rest of the world still practice that, but we see it conventional in this decade and world with fast-emerging and fast-improving technology.

    YOU CAN try to shoot us an email at support at vertito dot com, bearing any test subject or questions, we would reply that manually 24×7 FOR YOU TO TEST our responsiveness as we aim for longer client relationship for better business growth as our business model.

    Hope we answer you then. We would be happy to be of service to anyone.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  • vertito says:

    @jonathan of , thanks for subscribing to us!

    And with more fellow wishful address inquiries:
    VERTITO Hosting Solutions
    Mobile: +63.9184477120
    Mobile EFax: +44.1446500100
    34 CV Bdlg, East Bank Road,
    San Mateo, Pasig City,

    We have explained the legality and referential weight gain of having email and ticketing support against phone support with our previous comments. Hope that helps.

    We are not number one, we want to be, though IT IS not possible. Being number one is a figurative word and referential just as as the word beauty. We all know that, ‘coz no one can please everybody.

  • Jam Mayer-Flores says:

    Vertito – appreciate the explanation of your service policies. This is indeed helpful for your current and future clients.

    As you explained, phone conversations may not be best for documentation and customer service purposes. This is to be respected, as you know your business.

    May I suggest that this be taken out or perhaps be reworded instead? A client might expect this and will still look for the number on your site. One can’t be expected to look through Google as not everyone is techie enough to know this.

    Agree 100% that we can’t please everyone but setting expectations, having the ability to assist and offer solutions is one way to attain business and trust with customers.

    I see that Jonathan has subscribed to your service. I’m glad that a connection was made.

    More power to your business and keep the standards as you may see fit to bring excellent service. Appreciate your feedback and let’s keep the lines open.

  • vertito says:


    We are grateful with your deeds of having open discussion on this commentary forms including your fairly suggestions.

    Rest assure that we would continue on to provide hosting reliability, service quality, platform stability, good and timely support aiming for long-term customer satisfaction for a win-win make over of web hosting in Philippines.

    Thanks for the bump and happy new year to all!

  • pinoy says:

    Vertito : stop pretending you are a local host. nakakatawa mga sagot mo, a local landline phone is one important means of communication, phoneline for sales and billing would suffice. kahit di na kailangan ng phone ang support.

  • vertito says:

    You can laugh all day, its good for our health, but let us not pretend. Unconsciously am sure you’re not even aware in our daily life, we do practice this approach.


    Most of us, doesn’t even bother to get contact phone numbers of fuel stations when we drop by for fuel and fuel service…, the phone numbers for Levis stores when we buy their jeans, Jolibee’s hotline perhaps?

    YES, phone contact details IS ONE important, we never say IT’S NOT. WHAT we did say, is we chose and prefer email and ticketing support and documentation system for all our billing and support po. IMHA, pls re-read po.


  • yenyen chow says:

    hi guys! this philhosting let my domain name expired even if i paid ahead of time

  • Glenn says:

    na extra pla ako dito slamat po .. walang kwenta ang philhosting!

  • @admin

    We appreciate the opportunity you’ve given us to enlighten more of our local philippine hosting products and services coz of your website’s referral.
    Our clients have expanded a lot and continue to grow.

    In connection to this, everybody is granted and invited to use


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  • hi. i have the same issue on philhosting (or “phailhosting” i should say). me and my thesis-mates have been doing this website of our school. we purchased a domain from philhosting and it went well for a couple of months anyway. but then things started to get “annoying” last month..everytime we log in to cpanel we receive their “service temporary unavailable” message, stating that they’re experiencing server glitches. we tried to contact them but to no avail. we even e-mailed them stating our problem but all we got was a ticket..a ticket???can you imagine that????we we’re so pissed off. we called them earlier this day but we found out they will only cater their customers from monday-friday. @ 9am-6pm. what the—??? this all too much,especially for beginners like us. we’re just trying to finish a project for crissake! and now we can’t even access our own files!! darn it. excuse me but this is just how i feel..see,i’m the programmer and all those sleepless nights for this???we’re getting back at them this monday and i hope they’ll answer cause if they won’t,well..this is the internet, right?

  • Erickson Herrera says:

    to be honest guys i like globelines broadband soo much, i have no regret of having this connection in my home, however, there is a problem regarding my internet connection now, as in right as this very moment and this problem was way back a month ago. every 10-15 mins my connection will automatically disconnect. i dont know what happen, it maybe because of the router or the line itself. however, i already called the customer service and they send a representative to check the system. it went well for a week and then it when on again. i dont what to do with this inconvenience, i dont wanna cut the contract with globelines since i like their service plan. can you please help me solve this. like ryt now, before i’ll send this comment, i need to wait for a minute or two so that the connection will be back and then press submit. Oh my .. i need action .. please help. T_T

  • Erickson – hi. it seems that everyone is having issues with their internet the past few weeks. Since most of them are interconnected anyway, I think the source or base is having issues. I, for one, had issues as well but has gotten better this week.

    My advice is to ask for a commitment from customer service for an ETA on when it’s going to be fixed or at least get back to you for updates.

    Hope this helps.

  • Ryan Pomer says:

    Yah guys Ive been a member of philhost for 1 week pero 3 days ko lang nakita site ko da rest down na hanggang ngayon. Maliit lang naman ginastos ko for them pero i was wondering is there anyone that monitors those people kasi nakakaloko nga sila e. Obviously tagal na pala nila nakakaloko. Baka naman pwede natn sabihan DTI or whatever or pa media natin.

  • kat says:

    i’ve already given up on them. puro downtimes. i signed up with another host. ang problema ko ngayon is i cannot get a backup of my site files kasi i can’t log on sa cpanel. since dec 2 pa sila down! i have 2 accounts under them. and to make matters worse, i cannot transfer my domain too kasi according sa napakabait nilang customer service, it will take 10 to 15 days para makapag-generate ng transfer code! que horror. nagtitiis ako sa free wordpress blogs space para lang makapagsulat! dapat siguro ipa-media na ang company na ito….write to ABS-CBN’s XXX or kay Tulfo or something. sobra na ang mga panloloko nila!

  • Liz says:

    I’m another one of Philhosting’s extremely disgruntled customers. I bugged customer service about their downtime since December 2, and they flat out told me that they had NO IDEA if or when they’d get my site back up. They even had the nerve to offer me “account restoration” for P500. They must be smoking something really potent in that office if they think I’ll hand any more of my money to them.

    And yes, what really sucks is that they’re getting away with it. They ought to be called out for the way they’re ripping off their customers.

  • I’ll see if I can tap my network and also contact DTI regarding this company. I’ll be attaching my post and all the reader’s comments here. A business like this should start taking responsibility for the service they are providing. Thanks everyone for posting here.

    Also, if there is anyone out there who knows the management team personally, please contact me immediately through my personal email. I’d also like to give them a chance to rectify the complaints.

  • I am beginning to experience what yenyen chow experienced regarding the domain name expiring. I paid on time but so far, I get no acknowledgment of the payment, and then I have been getting notices that the amount is overdue. I called their office and I was told to follow the procedure set in the customer area (which I did when I made the payment). So far nothing. Going by what I have been reading here, I think I have to kiss my money goodbye.
    But like all of the disgruntled customers, I wish they could be chastised for their lack of customer service.

  • vertito says:

    Sorry to hear you story.

    Guys, we can give you a try for limited-time one-month free hosting with your existing domain, and see if you’ll experiencing the same story. Just contact us for details so it wont be off-topic on this threaded comments.

    Thanks admin!

  • Philhosting is the worst web hosting service I have ever experienced. Even their online support sucks! I could have copied the conversation but it’s so frustrating that the other party closed the session right away without offering solution. Don’t even know how to address properly. F*ck! my only demand was to change nameservers and it took me 2 weeks now and still waiting for them to do it! WTF! What kind of services do they have? Is this a backyard one? They’re very unprofessional.

  • Clinton Garcia says:

    Philhosting is the best for me they always answer me when i submit a ticket from them.. i always thankful because this web hosting company is making a good service not only with me but with my fellow friends too.. just want to share.. actually i will buy a new hosting package for my new website 🙂 [edited comment on website – not working]

  • Clinton Garcia says:

    done in buying… 🙂 visit my site for a proof [edited website – not working] it is plain lol!

  • cass says: has been a nice discovery for me. I am really satisfied with their extremely good service, their fast responses for all my questions about the services they provide (and I have asked a lot of things and doubts)., in my opinion and based on my experience, is a high quality choice.


  • Let me Say Something says:

    To I checked your website, but please excuse me for having a blunt opinion but your website itself is no attractive at all! You copied the design on some international hosting provider, you could not even place a decent picture of a server, look at it, did you use “paint program” to crop the picture? At Contact Us: NOT A SINGLE CONTACT NUMBER. And you got all the guts to be all nice here saying you will revert the disappointing service of you can not even provide your number. Fly by night? Who knows.

    My bad, I just hate hypocrites.

  • Let me Say Something says:

    And with more fellow wishful address inquiries:
    VERTITO Hosting Solutions
    Mobile: +63.9184477120
    Mobile EFax: +44.1446500100
    34 CV Bdlg, East Bank Road,
    San Mateo, Pasig City,

    This is it? A mobile number and and E-Fax? Hope no one will be fooled by this, PEOPLE!!

  • Let me Say Something says:

    For Jam Mayer-Flores, you are very smart Ma’am, I admire that.

  • Let me Say Something says:

    To, wake up maybe? This is already ruining your credibility.

  • Jam Mayer says:

    Thank you for the kind words and dropping by at the site.