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Globe Tattoo Customers Are Not Happy

Globe Tattoo.  A “cool” USB stick that promises to get anyone connected.  Formerly branded as Globe Visibility, I was among the first who subscribed to it way back when they only had the PhP 2,000 unlimited plan.  Am I still using it? No.  I personally had a tough time trying to disconnect it because I signed a two year contract.  So, despite of the continuous cursing at different business centers, I had to waste PhP 2,000 every month for a crappy connection and service.

I was hoping they did something to improve their internet service when they launched Globe Tattoo.  I thought they were ready for the surge of customers when they started their marketing campaign.  Apparently not.

I’ve read some posts from personal blogs about their service.  Plain and simple. Customers are not happy.

Here are just some of the posts I found related to this clamor for change from Globe.

I swear I am this close in smashing the Tattoo in smithereens in annoyance.  As I’m typing this, I’ve gone for almost an hour, just waiting for this damn piece of equipment to receive signal. – Stuff That Matters

I’m sorry globe, there’s no other way to put this kindly, but your globe tattoo service sucks.  I used this a couple of times in my hours of need, which are of course places outside the office and outside the comforts of my own home and nada. – Finance Manila

New name, same old service. For those consumers who want to try it, here’s a little heads up based on experience:
It probably is one of the worst, if not the worst internet service in the Philippines. Heck, a dial-up connection runs faster with a cheaper price. – Skiverz

It frustrates me to see these posts and even see comments from MyGlobePH announcing their latest promo and marketing blitz.  I’m sure whoever is posting these comments have seen the wrath of their customers.  Was there any remorse or feedback? Unfortunately no.  I don’t see anything being done about it.

Any thoughts of how we can let Globe hear and address our issues?

Update  1/18/2010: I’ve heard from a reliable resource that there is a way to optimize your Globe Tattoo units to get the expected bandwidth.  This is good news for customers.  I am hoping that a representative from Globe can give us more information to help current customers.  Let’s use this as a medium to elevate the standards.

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