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Bagoong Club – What Service Should Be

A very good childhood friend of mine recently came home for a visit from Australia. Wanting to catch up, we headed on for dinner to a place which was recommended by his sister – BAGOONG CLUB.

Tucked away in one of the small streets in the Scout Area in Quezon City, we were pleasantly surprised by the establishment. Obviously an old house which was converted to a restaurant, it immediately transported my friend and I to a comfortable zone which was very familiar to us.

I rarely am at that side of the city and did not know of this place, it has apparently been up for several years now. The pictures of the number of varied celebrities on the walls attest to the reputation of the BAGOONG CLUB.

We sat down and I immediately noticed the simple décor of the place, yet very cozy atmosphere. There was no blazing music to be heard, which made we feel like I was actually eating in my own house 20 years ago.

Being our first time, we asked the server what he would recommend. Again another pleasant surprise was when MAR (our server) started to give us suggestions complete with detailed descriptions of what a particular dish was made of. He was also not a hard sell, admitting that since we were only two, some dishes might be too big for us to finish. My friend of course did not listen and simply said that we can always take it home anyway. In short, we ended up with about 5 different dishes which were all a gastronomic pleasure. But I write this not because of the food but because of the impeccable service we got that night.

BAGOONG CLUB is not a high class expensive restaurant. In fact for those who have tried it, it actually is very reasonable. However, I have rarely gotten the kind of service we received from BAGOONG CLUB even from very expensive establishments.

From the security guard to the servers to the cashier, everyone just seemed to love their jobs and it rubbed off on how they treat their customers. Like I said, I felt like I was transported to our old house, which means it felt like I was home, eating in the comfort of family and friends. The servers were very cordial and very quick to respond to every customers need. I cannot even remember a time when I had to strain my neck or raise my hand to ask for something, even a napkin. They just seemed to know what I needed.

Kudos to the owner of BAGOONG CLUB for its excellent customer service (and food). May you have more success and may your training of your staff never fall below what it is now. I just wish more establishments follow your attention to customer satisfaction.

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