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Berting’s – Simple but Cozy

A fresh face in the restaurant scene recently opened in the Food Alley of the Ortigas Home depot strip – Berting’s Grill.

With very simple designs and fixtures, Berting’s draw is not the ambiance but the good food and drinks – and of course the company. Its specialty is LECHON MANOK freshly grilled instead of the usual roasted method. They also have the usual fare of fried tilapia and liempo.

However I found the Inihaw na Tenga ng Baboy a blast. (I actually had to order extra rice to completely enjoy it). The nice combination of meat and fat was a fresh twist to the usual crispy version of this dish. I actually did not realize that the tenga was that big since the fried version obviously shrinks it to a bite-size portion.

The Cream Dory filet with capers was also a wonderful find.  At first look I thought it would be dry and needed soy sauce to be enjoyed. But the blend of the capers with the creaminess of the fish was a refreshing play in taste that did not need any further seasoning. Another cup of garlic rice please!!!

The thing that really got me at Berting’s was the price. Maybe since the place is simply designed without the usual fan fare of a bar – the memorabilia hanging on walls or the light and sound system to cater to music lovers. They can therefore maintain a fairly low price. The only extra they have are two dart boards which the customers can enjoy.

The alcohol selection was pretty decent and low priced. I noticed that the regulars realize this as more customers order bottles of liquor rather than the usual bucket of beer. Seeing the price of a bottle of vodka, I was amazed that it was like buying a bottle of the same libation in a liquor store (maybe even cheaper depending on the store). Even their presentation is very simple. No frills just plain delicious food.

The service was something that I also found real nice. The waiters seemed to be well trained as they knew how to properly suggest what to order. A friend at one point wanted a particular dish cooked a certain way, but the waiters politely said that the cooks could not accommodate his request. Although at first some of the drinks we wanted to order were out of stock, they handled the situation very well. One actually tried to call to make the delivery of a bottle of vodka faster. They also have a keep bottle drawer in the house. And by the looks of it, there are a lot of regulars.

So the next time you and your friends want a nice place to have some drinks and still have the ability to actually hear each other talk, head on over to Berting’s Grill in the Ortigas home depot food alley. Clean, simple, affordable good food and cheerful service await you. Bring your darts if you want to throw a few games.

More garlic rice please!!!

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