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Pepper Lunch Assistant Manager’s “best”

I have always enjoyed eating at Pepper Lunch whether at the Power Plant Mall (Rockwell) or at Edsa Shangrila. But I always knew that their “order at the counter” style will be a cause of a lot of problems.

Recently my family was at the Power Plant to catch a movie and decided to have lunch at the restaurant. As usual, there was a queue at the entrance but we still decided to stand in line as my children wanted to eat there.

After being in line for 5 minutes I took a peek inside and noticed that there were about 12 seats available right by the entrance – yet the line was not moving at all. I looked at the counter and there was a couple placing their orders. After about another 5 minutes, still no movement. The line was now snaking along the hall of the mall.

I entered and immediately saw a manager behind the counter (since she was dressed differently). As I approached, I saw her name plate and realized that she was the assistant manager – ICEL. She was observing the cashier take orders and work the POS machine. I asked ICEL , “Excuse me, do you realize that the line outside is getting so long while you have about a dozen seats readily available?”

I was stunned by the reply of ICEL – “Yes sir, we only have one cashier and we are trying our best.” Huh? TRYING your best? What the hell does that mean?

I then asked if there was no other crew member who knew how to work the other POS? She just looked at me and said – “We are trying our best.” This simply prompted me to respond – “INSANE!”

I went back out and relayed the story to my wife. A few seconds later ICEL comes out to the line and starts taking orders of the customers while in line (ala McDonalds). Then I noticed that the other POS machine had come to life with a cashier behind it. We were the 4th group in line and in 10 minutes we were seated and waiting for our meal. The line outside was down to 4 people.

I guess ICEL’s “best” just needed a little push from a customer.

Photo courtesy of: Erkies

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  • Gregory Çiocson says:

    I smile to myself whenever I pass by that eatery. That artificial queue snaking out is just a marketing tactic at the expense of unduly aggravating a diners’ medical conditions or inconvenience. Who could ever be happy paying a premium when there’s no proper waiting area or enough staff to take your orders from your seat?

  • ms.elena tsai says:

    Please advise your rockwell supervisor to give me a call..09175253662 /2457255 asap thank you