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Last August 6, I posted a complaint on KFC’s Facebook fan page.  On that very same day, their Customer Care Team sent me a private message asking for my information details.  I immediately replied and was promised to be contacted by one of their team members.  On August 11, Ms. Conie Umipig (KFC Eastwood City Branch Manager) called me up to clarify my concern.  After explaining it to her thoroughly, she thanked me and promised to conduct a proper investigation into the matter.  She also said that should their employees be found guilty, appropriate disciplinary action will be given.  Before ending our conversation, she encouraged me to visit their store again for her to meet me personally.

After a month, I was able to visit the particular branch again and had the chance to talk to Ms. Umipig.  She was very pleased to see me and I took the chance to ask about the status of my complaint.  It turned out that after carefully reviewing the incident and hearing the explanation of the two concerned employees, they were both subjected to a 2-week suspension.  Even though I felt sorry for them, I believe that a wrongdoing should have a corresponding consequence.  Since their actions were in direct violation of the cleanliness standards in the food industry, the said disciplinary action was reasonable enough.

I commend the KFC Customer Care Team and Ms. Conie Umipig for their professional and prompt approach to my complaint.  May this incident serve as a good example to all service-oriented institutions.  Always treat customer complaints seriously and objectively.  Never underestimate the power of the consumers for they are the ones giving you business in the first place.  As Pete Blackshaw’s book title says, “Satisfied Customers Tell Three Friends, Angry Customers Tell 3,000.” Need I say more?

Photo courtesy of Patrick Gan (youta)

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  • terry salva says:

    Hello we are loyal customers of kfc since you first opened here in baguio. I would just like to share my disappointing experience with KFC DBP. We called the said branch for a delivery on march 23 2012, 7 pm and they told me that they do not deliver to our place which is only 10 minutes away from kfc DBP because your chicken would get spoiled when it reaches our place, we explained to the manager that kfc never hesitated to deliver to bakakeng before but the manager insisted that the food would not be good if it arrived, so we called another fastfood chain instead and they delivered with no hesitation. The person we talked to was Julius Dela Cruz (if that’s his real name) and according to him was the manager of the said branch. We also asked him what is the phone number of your costumer service in manila and he gave us a mobile phone number. We live at bakakeng new site which is the “new university belt” in baguio by not delivering here you are losing thousands in revenue. i hope the management would look into the matter because we really love your chicken and we do not want your good name and good food be destroyed by irresponsible crew. Thank you!!!