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I visited Starbucks at Pearl drive last night for a meeting. It was packed considering it was 10pm at night. Not much of a surprise since it is close to the call centers in the area.

It was the usual drink for me (Iced Green Tea Latte) and had a sandwich for dinner. Being someone who isn’t much of a Starbucks fan (only because I can’t drink coffee), I still enjoy my experience as a customer every time I visit a branch. Their service is almost always consistent.

Last night, to my delight, they added a survey program for customers who visit their branches. After I paid for my drink, the barista informed and encouraged me to answer a survey online to give feedback on my Starbucks experience. The instructions were all laid out in the receipt, along with a customer code that you need to enter when you start the survey. It also contained a space for you to write your complimentary Beverage ID when you claim your free drink on your next visit.

Here are the steps:

  • Once you get your receipt, log on to the My Starbucks Visit PH website.
  • Enter your customer code (about 17 numbers) found on the receipt
  • Answer the survey
  • After you’re done, you’ll get a beverage ID which you’ll need to write down on the same receipt
  • Go to any Starbucks branch and show the receipt with the beverage ID.
  • Claim your free drink (tall size).

Do take note that you need to redeem the free beverage within 14 days. One thing that I failed to ask though if it was 14 days from the day you answered the survey or the time you bought the drink.

Their Customer Voice program is another great way to get feedback from their customers to ensure customer retention and to further improve their products and service. Kudos to Starbucks!

So, what are you waiting for? Help them improve and you’ll get a freebie while you’re at it. I’m off to Starbucks to get my free drink.

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  • Lianne says:

    Hi. Question: do you need to claim it during the same time you made a purchase? Like, I got the customer voice receipt at 11 pm. Do I need to go to Starbucks at 11 pm again to claim the free drink, or is it anytime within the 14-day period?

  • Hi Lianne – you can claim it any time during the 14 day period. 🙂

  • conrado e. reyes says:

    I was there at fairview starbuck, good service and the drinks is ok, my grand children wants more so maybe we’ll be back!!

  • Jam Mayer says:

    Hi Conrado. Thanks for dropping by at the site. Starbucks has been great at their service. Good to hear you’ve had a good experience.

  • I am Jackie says:

    Hi. Jackie here. at starbucks san lazaro branch, always have to fall in line, slow service. Pls. make more counters, tnx.

  • ace says:

    i was trying to log in and enter my survey but it actually cant load? how can i log in?? is there any alternatives?? i just got the receipt today.. just asking ^_^

  • Jam Mayer says:

    Hi Ace. You might have to go back to Starbucks and ask if the survey is still open. Did the receipt say any expiration date or probably it has another link to go to? Or then again, their website might be down. Hope they help you out soon.

  • ace says:

    tnx for the response hehehe ^_^ i tried earlier again.. bbut still its not allowing to do so.. i copied the site address in the receipt but still not allow me.. ill try again on other computers.. ^_^ tnx for the response… Ace..

  • Jam Mayer says:

    Hi Ace. Good news! Someone from Starbucks emailed me about your issue. They are asking for more details on the error so they can help you out. 😀 Just continue this thread and post it on the comments below. Just don’t include any sensitive data, if any.

    Also, will be waiting for his email address so you can coordinate with him directly for them to assist you.

  • Jam Mayer says:

    Hi again Ace. I sent you an email containing Starbucks’ email address. You can go ahead and coordinate with him.

  • luis r. pimentel says:


  • Marco says:

    Good day! i would like to send a feedback with regard to the customer service i got from one of your stores in Mall of Asia. Where can i find your email address for customer feedback? I would like to send it in private thanks!

  • Jam Mayer says:

    Hi Marco. Will send you a private email indicating one of their representative’s email. You can send it to him. Also here is Starbucks Philippines’ facebook page as well.

  • M. Van Linder says:

    Due to privacy reasons I do not like my name to be called out loudly throughout the Starbucks Store, I never give my name. I understand this is the Starbucks system, but find it incorrect to loudly announce someone’s name. it’s no ones business how I am called. And that just for a cup of coffee?

  • kel says:

    Hi jam,

    sad to hear that we can only claim the free drink over the 14-day period from the time indicated in the receipt,, actually, i was advised by a girl barista stationed at starbucks nlex, i think the petron branch (side going manila), that it can be claimed anytime as long as i have logged in and accomplished the survey within the 14-day period, I even clarified it to her twice, so I assumed that it’s still ok to claim it beyond 14 days since i have completed the survey… so now i can’t use it anymore? the receipt dated oct 31 & my complimentary beverage id is 92104, pls advise…


  • Jam Mayer says:

    Hi Kel. As far as I can remember, you can claim it anytime as well. You can go to the Starbucks Facebook page and ask for their help on this one. I can also send you the email of one of their representatives to help you clear this out. You can then coordinate with him directly since he works at Starbucks. Give me within 24 hours to send the email. Just got back from a very long trip and my brain cells at this point is close to mush. 🙂

  • Hi.. Pwd bng itanung qng xaan pwd magreklamo kc may s barista ng sb n nag p post x wall ng sb n duduraan daw nla ang coffee ng costumer.. My god i cnt really imagine n ganun ang gngwa nla.. S katunayan nga nka sagutan q ung isa x mga barista nla.. At ang name nia ay Apple Ponteras Banaag andyn ndn ung link ng fb nia.. Nka assign xia x sb mall of asia.. Xna mbgyng action toh.. And im hoping on your urgent feedback admin.. Regarding on this matter.. Natatakot aq kc bka marami pang barista ng starbucks ang ganyan..

  • Jam Mayer says:

    Ronnel – contact mo ang Starbucks Phils sa Facebook page nila. Magaling sila sa customer service so I’m sure they will help you. They will need your story din and sure that they will ask Apple’s side of the story to be fair. Hope they can resolve your concern.

  • Charrie says:

    How come I could not place my customer code again? I accidentally wrote an expired code and when
    I tried to enter my new one, ayaw na.

  • sheila tan says:


    I would like to commend Con, a crew member at starbucks boni high street. he turned around what would’ve been my worst starbucks experience. i’ve been requesting for a laptop lock so i could order and the manager simply said he’ll just wait for the other manager to arrive then left me. i was so thirsty i had to go to the counter with my laptop. then i requested for a laptop lock again and the guard was asked to assist me. i went to him and he asked me if i knew how to install it then gave me the key. so when i was attempting to do it, he comes over to say i’m doing it wrong. so i said, ‘why don’t you just help me then?’ then i spilled my drink.
    Con, comes over to say he’ll just prepare my order as i wanted it. i said never mind but he insisted. he said he didn’t want my starbucks experience to be not good, which was how it was turning out to be.

    so great job Con! 🙂 i hope he gets commended by the management for this.

  • Jam Mayer says:

    Thanks Sheila for sharing this story. To my knowledge, the Starbucks customer team is monitoring this thread and other online tools. I really hope Con gets commended. Now, that’s excellent customer service!

  • Christine Perez says:

    Hi I would like to inform you in your branch in SM Northwing Cebu that I was disappointed on the service. I am the second customer and that time 1 cashier and 2 baristas I was really mad due to slow service my order was Frappucino only and it takes me for 20 min. standing waiting for my frap!For me it’s ok if they are busy though but it’s not 1 barista prior the coffee of the one staff there and busy chatting, for me its has to be customer first right?the co-employee can understand that. I am very disappointed that because i know starbucks services is excellent!and for that incident only tooks me by surprise and because of that I am late in my break in time for 6mins!!! because I am estimated that already.

  • Jam Mayer says:

    Christine – thanks for sharing your feedback about the Cebu branch. Starbucks customer service is indeed excellent and this one is pretty rare. I’m sure Starbucks management have their ears and eyes open. I would suggest to place specific details (barista name, time and date you visited, etc) and also inform their manager. Hope things get better at your end.

  • Madeline says:

    Do you have the customer service email address? I was surprised at the rudeness of one of the Baristas here at the Enterprise Tower. Her name plate says Minba. Visited today at 5:15 pm. She made me feel as if I wasn’t welcome at Starbucks. I want to send a complaint directly to management.

  • Jam Mayer says:

    Hi Madeline. I can send your comment to someone I know from Starbucks customer service. Will point him to your comment. Usually, they check these things and I’m almost sure they will manage it. Let me know if you get a response from them.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  • Marie Stella R. Mina says:

    Hello Madeline! First of all let me tell you that the only coffee i drink is starbucks espresso frap grande. been drinking this for years…way back in the states. last year you changed your formulation that to me is so awful in taste… more of like condensed milk.
    anyway when i got my drink, i turned around and returned it. alot of your starbucks branch know me. they also know what coffee i drink. i will name you a few if need be.
    to cut the long story short, your branch in marquinton marikina tried to make it as close as it could get from the original. now my concoction entails 2 shots of espresso, 5 coffee roast and 2 pumps of syrup. it’s been more than a year since i have walked into your several stores telling them of how to make my coffee.
    i may just be a drop in the bucket in terms of your sales but i don’t think it is fair that i be charged for the extra shot since when you make espresso, you normally have to do two. you just throw the second one away. actually i have never been charged for that extra shot until lately when i go to your new branches. to me i don’t think it’s fair. but if business is business and you can not bend this for me so be it. i assure you though that this drop in the bucket will never go into a starbucks anymore.
    your employees know me to be the environment conscious person. way way back i used to recycle your cups when i purchase my coffee. i used drink 3 to 4 a day. i don’t use any or maybe 1 napkin. you have now come out with tumblers that is suitable for me and have been patronizing them. this is just to name a few of what i do for your company.
    i am hoping for your kind consideration on this matter.
    thank you very much. God bless.

  • Ellah recopuerto says:

    hi gudevening just want to say i really had a great time during my visit in starbucks resort world…coz i feel so tired and i want to relax myself even just a little time..I dont have any idea what coffee should i get coz Im so tired to think of..when one barista on tha cashier named OWA who’s really nice and give me some idea on what drink that’s perfect for my situation..and it was a nice experice I really appreciate he is so knowledgeable and he is so nice and so genuine I love starbucks resort world

  • Jam Mayer says:

    Hi Ellah,

    I’m glad that you had a great customer experience at Starbucks Resort World. Kudos to Owa, who clearly prioritized your needs on a tiring day. Thank you for sharing your story for others to appreciate.

  • jae says:

    Hi. Been drinking starbucks beverages for years and have always been happy and satisfied with the service until tonight. Tried the starbucks alimall cubao branch late this evening and experienced the worst service from starbucks. Very rude and very incompetent baristas. Even the power tripping branch manager (named Gideon) is very unprofessional and very arrogant when we tried to ask his help. He even said we cannot complain about his attitude for he is the manager and told us no higher management guys will listen to us. I kept the receipt for i am seriously thinking of lodging a complaint regarding my horrible experience.Hard to believe it was starbucks.

  • Cathy AAQ says:

    Your staff are so accommodating and Friendly. Your drinks are so refreshing. I love the dark macadamia cookie as well.

  • Cathy AAQ says:

    Very accommodating and friendly. Drinks are refreshing too

  • jennifer says:

    Hi. I was trying to log in but the customer code that i entered are not valid. Thanks my customer code is 00356005108161430 thanks

  • rose says:

    Hi. I was trying to log in but the customer code that i entered are not valid and it was stated “This does not appear to be a valid customer code, please check the code and try again”. please help