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Happy Valentine, DTI!

This is a copy of my Valentine (complaint) letter to the DTI.
by Marichu “Choy” Zablan

To:  DTI Secretary Gregory Domingo and Assistant Secretary Angel Pelayo-Ty

Dear Sir and Madam,

I have been waiting very patiently for pertinent results with regards to the complaints that I filed almost six months ago, TO NO AVAIL.  I am very disappointed and disgusted with the very slow action being exhibited and the apparent incompetence of the people (in your department) handling my cases.

Here are the facts:

1.  Until now, Ms. Rose Egmilan cannot give and has not given me any substantial feedback on these cases.  These were the most recent text messages that I got from her:

a. On October 15 of 2010, she stated that, “Issue on Enjoy Phils. was endorsed to NTC as regards to Sony, our Legal is reviewing the response of Sony on the issue and document on the alleged early termination of the promo if there is prima facie evidence to file administrative case.”

b. On November 26 of 2010, she stated that, “Ma’am, I will furnish a copy of our legal department evaluation.  Thank you.”

As of today, I have not received a single sheet of paper from your department. The review, it would seem, has taken forever.  Are the pieces of evidence that I’ve presented not enough to prove that Sony Ericsson Philippines and Enjoy Philippines violated their own contest standards/mechanics and even proclaimed cheating parties as winners? Have your people even bothered to take a more in-depth look at my submitted documents in the first place?  Are Ms. Egmilan’s statements just empty and hopeless promises meant to deliberately let my cases die a natural death?  My goodness!  These are just small cases and yet your people are taking their sweet time in resolving them.  No wonder common citizens like me are losing confidence each day with the government.  Your agency has the nerve to encourage us to file complaints for wrongdoings and yet, your people act on them at a pace slower than that of a snail.

Also, why is the Enjoy Philippines issue being endorsed to the NTC (National Telecommunications Commission)?  Ms. Egmilan informed me during our telephone conversation last September of 2010 that her staff members were not able to contact & locate the Enjoy Philippines office at any time (through the telephone number and the business address that I provided).  They, therefore, forwarded the said telephone number to the NTC for further tracking activities.  Out of sheer annoyance at not getting any response from her (two weeks after we talked), I personally called up the said telephone number.  It was working just fine and I was able to reconfirm their office address.  If I was able to get in touch with them, WHY WEREN’T YOUR PEOPLE ABLE TO?!  Have your people stooped to a new low in terms of ineptitude?

2.  During that same September 2010 telephone conversation, Ms. Egmilan exhibited her apparent obliviousness at the substantial complications of allowing Sony Ericsson Philippines to utilize the “Like” function in voting.

a. First, she remarked that it is hard for the organizer to check on the uniqueness of each submitted vote because the contest was open to the public; in this case, specifically for Facebook users.

THAT’S EXACTLY MY POINT!  Since it was apparently clear to Ms. Egmilan (when she made the above-mentioned statement) that there was basically no way for the organizers themselves to ensure a clean & honest conduct of the contest, what then is your department’s business in approving such a set of contest mechanics if, in the first place, your people are aware of such a glaring loophole? This is something that even a student can easily understand.

Isn’t it your responsibility to ensure that all approved contests will allow FAIR PLAY, since your department is the reviewing and the approving body for all contests held locally?  Isn’t your department also guilty of condoning cheating because of your utter negligence, if Ms. Egmilan’s statement was taken into consideration?

b. Then Ms. Egmilan said, “Wala naman sa mechanics na 1:1 ang voting.” (It was not indicated in the mechanics that the voting process should be 1:1.) She was referring to one unique person casting one vote.  Then I rebutted, “So, kahit gumawa ako ng multiple accounts up to 100 at yun ang ipamboboto ko, ok lang?  Ano ang saysay ng popularity contest na iyan kung iilang tao lang naman ang bumoboto na gumagamit lang ng fake accounts?” (So, even if I personally create up to 100 multiple accounts and use them solely for voting, it is allowable?  What’s the point of holding a popularity contest if the votes are just coming from a few people with fake accounts?) Unbelievable!  Just because something was not stated in the contest mechanics, Ms. Egmilan found no wrongdoing?!  If this is the case, then Ms. Egmilan is implying that it is just acceptable to condone “flying voters” in our society.  A simple exercise of consumer common sense on the part of Ms. Egmilan would’ve been appreciated here.

Unfortunately, she was not able to answer my above-mentioned questions.  She just told me that they will just wait for Sony Ericsson’s explanation and will update me.

So, where’s the UPDATE???  Kailangan bang lagi na lang ako ang mag-follow up para makakuha ng sagot?  Wala bang sariling pagkukusa ang mga tauhan niyo para ako naman ang bigyan ng maayos na feedback?  Anong petsa na ba?  Lumipas ang Undas, Pasko, Bagong Taon at ngayon Araw ng mga Puso; kailangan bang umabot pa ng Semana Santa? (Do I really need to be the one to always make follow-ups just to get some feedback?  Can’t your people take the initiative to give appropriate feedback?  What date is it now?  All Saints’ Day, Christmas, & New Year have already passed, and today is already Valentine’s Day; will this extend up to the Holy Week?)

Furthermore, I still have a pending case in your department (Case No. ADM 10-023).  I had submitted my position paper on June 16 of 2010.  Again, take note: 2010.  Coupled with the fact that this case was initially filed with your department in December of 2009 and it has been more than a year since then!  Unfortunately, until now, I haven’t received any decision yet.

Frankly, I have NOTHING to gain here but I just want these kinds of online contests be stopped.  If your department, however, won’t take serious action on these, then YOU ARE ALSO PART OF THE PROBLEM. Hence, cheating in online contests will be a normal part of our society since your department is not firm on fighting them.  What’s the use of reporting anomalies if you don’t take action against them?  What’s the use of your department then?  It is such a waste of time on the part of the complainant.  Maghahain ka ng reklamo para may maituwid pero ang kalalabasan ay karekla-reklamo rin ang sistema ng departamentong pinagrereklamuhan mo.  Eto ba ang DAANG MATUWID? (We file complaints to correct wrongdoings but ironically, we end up complaining about the rotten system of the very department that is supposed to address our concerns.  Is this what you call THE RIGHTEOUS PATH?)

Now, tell me: with the kind of service that your department has been rendering, DON’T I HAVE EVERY SINGLE RIGHT TO LOSE MY PATIENCE ALREADY?

HAPPY VALENTINE!  Hope I am able to give all my love to you on this special day!

Marichu Zablan

cc:           Office of the President (PNoy)

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  • enteng says:

    so what happened? easter sunday 2011 already passed…

  • Choy says:

    Still nothing..

  • Choy says:

    I commend Ms. Angel Pelayo for endorsing my concerns to Ms. Eleanor Perez of the DTI. If not for Twitter, I won’t be able to get in touch with Ms. Pelayo and know that she had resigned already last February.

    Imagine, it took a resigned employee to follow up my case? It’s just so frustrating that the DTI has a very lousy feedback system. I just pray that everything will go on smoothly this time. I hope it’s worth the looong wait.!/choyzee/status/84652691090968576

  • zach says:

    So, Choy – it is already end of July. What is the score??? ‘Cuz I also sent a complaint last 17th July this year tagged as complaint ID 10669&k – 770530653 which I followed up 29th July ref. 10730&k – 770530653. I hope it won’t take that looooooooong as yours to get a feedback from them. Good luck to all complaint senders.

  • Choy Zablan says:

    Hi, Zach. Unfortunately, still nothing. Ms. Rose Egmilan of DTI-NCR promised last Thursday (July 28) to make a follow-up and send me the evaluation done by their Legal Department. As to when it can be sent to me remains to be seen. Too bad for me, I don’t have the luxury of time to pester them each and every day. Anyway, I wish you good luck and an extended patience threshold. 😉

  • vivian says:

    I received several SMS stating that my celfon had won 2nd price of 650,000 last 09/Aug/2011 from Pres. Aquino and Ma’am Kris Aquino Charity Fund and asking me to call Atty. Jead B. Cruz with celfon #639265817064 from releasing info, cash dept, DTI-NCR per#8860. I know there are a lot of spam message. Is it possible if you can clarify this ‘coz they are always using DTI permit no. It is very annoying that everyone can use your deparment to cheat other or whatever reason they have.

    I will really appreciate if you can answer me regarding this matter.

    Thank you and regards,


  • richard page says:

    i want to know the telephone number of the website

  • Eyka says:

    I was also called by Samsung and Smart. The only issue I am haivng is that I still did not receive any confirmation email I was told by the Samsung representative to still wait for the email but when I talked to the Smart rep she told me that receiving the call already means that my reservation was confirmed. I will call Samsung support tomorrow morning to sort this out since I need the printed copy of the confirmation email as a proof of reservation for the Nov. 19 event.

  • Jocelyn Zablan says:

    I am also a victim of a recent Facebook like contest of SM City Clark. I will do everything to stand against fraudulent contests which are being tolerated!Please update me regarding your complaint and give me advice on what to do. I have lots of screenshot evidences.