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Lord of the Flies

This is a guest post by Lois Yasay. 

My colleagues and I were having a dinner meeting at Conti’s Pastry Shop and Restaurant at their Serendra Branch. We absolutely adore their cakes and that’s the reason we decided on that restaurant. Halfway through our Mango Bravos and Choco Walnut Tortes, we had started the discussion and office banter. After a few minutes, we noticed we weren’t the only ones enjoying our delectable cakes. A bunch of huge fruit flies had descended on the icing and were having a feast! We were appalled! How dare these flies get to the rest of our desserts? We could have just let it go since we had eaten more than half of our slice anyway. But my colleague looked so sadly at her spoiled Mango Bravo slice that the server had to take notice. “Is anything wrong with your food?” he asked. We told him about the flies and he proceeded to take the plates away.

The meeting continued and we forgot about the incident soon after. But before we left the restaurant, the server reappeared with boxes for us. We looked inside and there were big slices of cakes ready for us to take home! He smiled and told us it was the least they could do. After all, “it’s the flies’ fault, not yours!” His little comment made us giggle and our take home boxes made us smile. That’s what you call exceeds expectations customer service!

Customer Service has  changed so much in the last few years because of the rise social media and online resources. Feedback and word-of-mouth testimonials have never been so connected across a digital and virtual expanse at the speed of a single click. It’s time to make the customer front and center in order to sustain a business.

The old rules no longer apply. Before, we thought that if a customer is satisfied, they will tell a couple of their friends. And if they weren’t,  they would tell more than 10 of their friends about their bad experience. Today, a totally dissatisfied customer will tell their thousands of closest strangers!

How do you ensure that you exceed your customers’ expectations?

Inspire Leadership Consultancy presents Customer Service Innovation, a whole-day learning event that enables you to continuously grow in developing SUPERB customer service skills. You will learn the secrets of ” WOWING” your customers and creating an unforgettable experience for them.

Francis Kong will be speaking on the topic of Customer Service Innovation along with international hotelier and service excellence consultant Merril Yu. This event is on November 9, 2011 at the Crowne Plaza hotel. For more details, click here.

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C.S.I. – INSPIRE Leadership Consultancy from Russel CP on Vimeo.

Lois Yasay is a trainer by profession and a traveler by passion. She is slowly realizing her dream of making a living by doing what she loves. She blogs at and is currently working as a Project Manager for Inspire Leadership Consultancy.

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  • You are absolutely correct about delivering the customer experience based on their beliefs and values. UNFORTUNATELY, it’s often incorrect or misunderstood because of differences in cultures.