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Your Voice on Taxi Drivers: Taxikick and Taxikiss

A quick scan of my Facebook news feed brought my attention to a post about a web application called Taxikick. It is simply a tool where anyone can submit their complaint on abusive taxi drivers.

Thanks to its developers, Jefferson Rosende and Benedict Aluan, a coffee brainstorming session gave birth to this tool.

After seeing how simple it was, I contacted them to get more information.

Benedict responded to my email within a few hours, stating that the data is sent to MMDA and LTFRB at the end of each day. He further said, “this would help passengers since this will streamline the process of notifying MMDA or LTFRB with abusive taxi drivers.”

Thanking him for his response, I told him a contact within my Facebook network suggested to have something similar but this time, a way for people to commend good drivers.

I’m glad to see their new app Taxikiss, which exactly does that. It’s still in the alpha stage, it being a Google Docs form.

Within a few days, Taxikick’s popularity grew. The first time I liked their Facebook page, it merely had a two-digit fan base. As of this writing, it’s almost at the 5,000 mark. They also have about 1,000+ followers on Twitter. An article on ABS-CBN News also reported that the LTFRB welcomed the app.

A lot of mixed reactions from the cab companies and its drivers. I’m not surprised a lot of them are critics. That’s actually a good thing. It means Taxikick rocked the boat to drive change for passengers to have a better taxi ride experience.

Note: Below is a flowchart that shows the process once the complaints have been received by the LTFRB. Now, the question is, will you come forward or should Taxikick be a representative?

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