Globe Tattoo Customers Are Not Happy

Globe Tattoo.  A “cool” USB stick that promises to get anyone connected.  Formerly branded as Globe Visibility, I was among the first who subscribed to it way back when they… more

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January 10, 2010

Philhosting: Too Many Upset Customers

Our first story was submitted by Jonathan.  His story just validates my decision not to host any of my websites on Philippine soil.  I would hate to generalize but too many… more

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December 23, 2009

Sky Broadband: Is it Really Fast?

You see their ads everywhere in the metro.  You drive around and see their banners in Ortigas or even along EDSA.  If you have Sky Cable, then you would’ve seen their recent ads stating… more

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October 4, 2009

The Endless List of Choices: PLDT IVR

So, here is a quick guide for you in case you need to contact them in the near future.

Press the numbers below to access the “endless tree of options”.  Better use a pencil instead of your prized finger. … more

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December 21, 2008

Globe Broadband: Not Worth the Stress

There are about 3-4 major phone companies in the country that offer broadband connectivity to both consumers and businesses.  You have PLDT, Globe, Bayantel and SMART (which… more

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December 8, 2008